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Sniff My Quicksilver.

It promises fun fun fun.

I who licks your windows clean.
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Beginning of dumb shit:

And what the hell, LJ is messing up my coding..

hide is Forever Love

Miyavi is Crazy Love

Kana is Panda Love

Alternative Lifestyle. Alternative Gaming.
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Gaming is love.

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life

My journal smells!


Kana Panda!

a clockwork orange, adult swim, all music, angel sanctuary, angelas ashes, animal house, animals, anime, aqua teen hunger force, art, battle royale, beastie boys, black cat, bleach, calvin and hobbes, catch 22, celldweller, chess, chicago, comedy central, comics, common rider, concrete nature, conventions, cosplay, cowboy bebop, cultures, d'ni, dali, danny elfman, ddr, del the funky homosapien, die form, dilated peoples, disney, dong bang shin ki, donnie darko, dream theater, e nomine, edward scissorhands, elo, emotions, emulators, fishbone, flcl, futurama, genesis, germany, goldfinger, harry chapin, hellsing, hepcat, hide, hieroglyphics, homestar runner, human nature, illo, interview with a vampire, j-rock, jimi hendrix, john keats, jthm, jtl, jw waterhouse, k-pop, kare kano, katatonia, l'ame immortelle, law and order, le tigre, lion king, love, magical drop, manga, mechassult, megaman, miyavi, moi dix mois, mothra, movies, mucc, myst, mythology, naruto, nerds, nightmare before christmas, ninjas, nitzer ebb, noir desir, novels, oc remix, office space, one piece, oomph!, penny arcade, pep love, piano, pink floyd, pirates, placebo, plath, pocky, poetry, ps2, psycho le cemu, queen, reel big fish, religions, renaud, roms, rpgs, scarface, sci-fi, seo taiji, shaman king, shonen jump, ska, skrape, sneaker pimps, snes, snl, souls of mischief, space ghost, spirituality, star wars, stefan raab, surealism, symphony x, taxi driver, techno, teen titans, the beatles, the blues brothers, the clash, the eagles, the neverending story, the rolling stones, the violent femmes, the whispers, the who, therion, tim burton, tori amos, trainspotting, video games, web design, wolves, zelda, zombie powder